Been eyeing our sweet Buddy Cards at the taproom? Got a buddy of your own that could use some swag and a lifetime of Look Long discounts?

Starting December 15th at the Good As Socks Hop and until the New Year, Buddy Cards are discounted to $220!

What does a Buddy Card get you or your buddy? Let me name the ways:

  1. $1 discount on all beer pours. Yup, all the time.

  2. $2 discount on all growler fills. Yup, all the time.

  3. A free shirt or hat, a free growler, some stickers, pint glass, and first growler fill as a buddy.

  4. Access to pints of beers before they’re released to the public.

  5. Discounted purchases from the bottle fridge

  6. Random discounts and gifts as they come

We printed a limited amount of these puppies, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. It’s our way of thanking you folks for hanging out with us during this first year of our brewery and bribing you to keep coming in and trying out our brews.