LLBC Limited Run Buddy Card


LLBC Limited Run Buddy Card


This limited time offer is a package deal that includes everything you need to get started drinking our beer. This card will never go out of style, though once they're all sold, they will probably never be printed again. 

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The Buddy Card comes with:

  • LLBC T-Shirt from our store

  • 64oz Amber Glass Growler w/Logo

  • 20oz Beer Glass w/ logo and Fizzy Etching

  • $1 off beer pours FOR LIFE

  • $2 off growler fills FOR LIFE

  • Invitations to events and releases through our mailing list

  • Varied Discounts on packaged beers, kegs

Neat, right? This offer has a one-time price and does not require a yearly fee or membership dues of any kind. Once you draw your doodle and sign the card, it's official forever: you're our Buddy.