Prepare your chill-evening bag cause it’s about to get stuffed full of the kind of summer fun that will help keep these dog days feel less draggy and more tail-waggy.

We’ve got a line up of friends who are going to party the night away with the rest of the neighborhood with food, beer, games, music, glass blowing, and charitable organizing.

Ethan from EaT: An Oyster Bar and Long Do Thai will be serving up their favorite dishes, including oysters, wings, and much more for your gut.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge and the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association will be present with a vinyl charity sale and plenty of ways to get involved with the neighborhood and the preservation of our nearby natural wonders.

Live music includes Look Long regulars John White and The Unlikely Renegades, Alpha Cricket, Jameson Wandling, and more!

Canned Heat, a mobile glass blowing company will be providing a real treat for us as well. Save your beer bottles, because when you come to the party you’ll have a chance to blow those bottles into drink ware your own damn self! It’s awesome. We’ll have 12 oz bottles available, as well as any glass in the Homebrew Exchange.

During the party, we will also be announcing the winner of the Dry T-Shirt Competition, as well as the winning ticket for a free T-Shirt and other merch.

A raffle benefiting Kids In Need Of Defense will be held during the party featuring merch and equipment for drinkers, home brewers, and humans in general.

Overall, plenty of great reasons to show up, play some Mario, listen to jams, and stuff your face with delicious Thai or Cajun food while celebrating the summer, friends, and North Portland nights.

See you there!