• Homebrew Exchange LLC (map)
  • 6550 North Interstate Avenue
  • Portland, OR, 97217
  • United States

That’s right. The LLC that born our sweet lil’ brewery and has provided supplies and fermentation smarts to so much of North Portland came to be a thing officially on April 20th, 2009.

To celebrate, we invite to the party all of our friends and family who have hung out with us over the years, sampling home-brews while trying to figure out what kefir REALLY is. Bonus points if you bring someone who knows what kefir REALLY is and can explain it to Brandon. (jk)

We’re hosting Gracie’s Apizza again and will be enjoying the sweet tunes of Airshow, a local Americana/Rock band and their acoustic set. If the weather’s nice, we should be having a nice time outside with games and chalk for drawing stuff.

For all of you creators out there who have been making cool stuff at home, please partake in the namesake act of exchanging home-brewed items with us during the party. Bring in a homemade food, alcohol, or any craft you’d like to trade for a free pint! Limit 1 trade per person!

We’ll be pouring each other samples of homebrew throughout the day, so bring a tasting glass and get let’s have ourselves a good ol’fashioned exchange!