• 45th Parallel Wines (map)
  • 8527 N Lombard St
  • Portland, Oregon
  • USA

It’s back! If you’ve ever had the itch to get into a fantasy Tabletop RPG, we’re hosting a fun night of beer drinking and Character Creation. Even if you’ve made a character before, our Character Creation Nights are great ways to knock out a back-up character for when your Dungeon Master kills yours! Our experienced Dungeon Masters will guide you through each step the creation process, offering advice and explaining all the weird stuff when stuff gets weird. They’ll be like the Demi Moore, you’ll be like Patrick Swayze, and your new 5e Dungeons and Dragon character will be like the clay. 45th Parallel is like the spinning table thing. Look Long is like the stool.

Suggested admission for the afternoon of stat rolling and drawing weird wizard stuff is a book donation for the Portland Children’s Book Bank or some clean clothes for the St Johns Clothing Closet. Profits from the night’s sales will be donated to the Children’s Book Bank, as well.

Character sheets, pencils, and resources are all provided, so all you’ve got to do is show up with a book and you get to leave with your 5th Edition-ready character, ready to take on dragons and demons and all kinds of adventures.

We’ll be featuring our latest Belgian-style ale, a dark Winter Wheat Ale called Gnome Sorcerer (get the theme?)

It’s all ages and we’ll have a table for children make characters, too! Recommended age for participation is 8 and older because of the nature of the process, but it’s okay if we get started and have to finish the character on another night.

See you there!