Got a Rad shirt idea?

Dry T-Shirt Competition_Poster.jpg

Here’s how it’s gonna go down…


SO what you do is design a shirt. Then, you pick a non-profit that you’d like the proceeds from the shirt sales to go to.

You can send your submission to our email (the with a paragraph or less about the shirt, yourself, your experience with the brewery, and/or the cause you’d like to support.

We’ll get the submission printed up and posted around the brewery come July for everyone to see. Feel free to let people see it on Instagram and Facebook for some more visibility. Voting will take place in the taproom over the course of the month.

Each beer purchased during the month will get the beer’s new owner a sweet little voting ticket. The vote will be recorded in a fancy lil jar and a drawing will take place at the end of the month. The winner will get a free T-Shirt and a beer, so the more folks vote, the more folks have a chance to win free stuff!

The votes will be tallied from the lil jar and the winning submission will be announced, put into production, and sold at the taproom!

Pretty sweet, huh? We think so, are we stoked to see your ideas!

UPDATE: T-Shirt Designs are LIVE and posted around the taproom! Stop in and vote with your pint money!